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When my four kids were young, people would ask me what I do. My response was always to say “Oh,
I’m just a stay at home Mom”. My husband, Chris, would laugh and say ‘for a stay at home mom, she is
never at home’. Over the many years of raising 4 kids, I threw myself into being a mom, with the same
passion I would a job outside the home.

This included volunteering at their schools. Starting with field trips and snack programs, I volunteered at
events held within the schools. I joined Parent Council, hoping my experience in event planning would
help with fundraising for the schools. I built up relationships within the school and within the
community. I had many opportunities to work alongside other passionate parents, who worked hard to
raise funds at different events. I was a part of a team that created an annual Advent outreach fundraiser
that provided support to over 200 school and parish families. We also created an annual Pierogi night in
the St. Gabriel community, raising funds to put back into the school (allowing the school to purchase
smart boards one year).

Like many families, ours encountered challenges while raising our kids. When we moved to Burlington,
there was a public school directly across the street. We reluctantly decided to let our two children go
however it was soon made clear that we made the wrong choice and we changed over to a HCDSB
school to begin late entry French Immersion (grade 5). This was a hard age for our kids to enter a new
school community but the Catholic spirit within the school helped us feel peace with our decision.
Not long after this, our third son was diagnosed with Autism. The Child Psychologist that diagnosed our
son advised us that he wouldn’t be able to manage in main stream school – his needs were too great. I
decided to reach out to our elementary school to get their view. I connected with the SERT at the school
and that began the first of many collaborative meetings with the hard-working team that supported
both of our sons with special needs (our fourth son was also diagnosed with ASD as well as other

The partnership between our family and the many EA’s, SERTs and teaching staff has always been a gift
that I won’t take for granted. It has not always been easy and there have been times we needed to push
more and times we needed to step back. But we had a team in place that wants each and every child to
succeed. I understand the toll it takes to advocate for our children with special needs and how it truly
takes a village to raise our children.

I have two sons who have graduated high school and two more currently in HCDSB high school. I am still
actively involved in the school and have an understanding of what are the current concerns and issues. I
believe this is vitally important, especially post Covid.

I want to advocate for your family. I want to rebuild trust in our HCDSB Trustees and work
collaboratively to create a safe and accepting environment in our schools. I want to represent you as
your school board trustee and hope I can count on your vote in the Oct. 24 election.

Choose Change, Choose Trish
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